Garden Paintings

I newly discovered painter Abbott Fuller Graves, an American expressionist, who painted mostly gardens and flowers. They are beautiful. I love the light and colors he used.  My favorites are the first and last ones I have here.

As you will see, the last painting is not of a garden but I felt it was so pretty that I had to include it. The colors he used for the water are so gorgeous!

In the Garden

In the Garden

Flower Garden

Morning in the Garden

Among the Hollyhocks

Woman with Flower Basket

On the Deck


Snow-in-Summer is another one of my favorite flowers.  These beauties put on a brilliant show in May and June. They also love the sun and enjoy being placed in a dry area.

Mine are in full bloom right now and look beautiful with their white blossoms. Once the flowers stop coming out the silvery grey foliage keeps a pretty backdrop to all my other plants. Here's a few photos from my front garden...