"Gardening is the purest human pleasure." Francis Bacon

                                      (Pictures from Keukenhof Flower Garden, Netherlands)

From Psalm 104

"You cause the grass to grow for the cattle, 

and plants for people to use, to bring forth food from the earth,

and wine to gladden the human heart, oil to make the face shine, and bread to strengthen the human heart. 

The trees of the LORD are watered abundantly, the cedars of Lebanon that he planted.
In them the birds build their nests; the stork has its home in the fir trees.

The high mountains are for the wild goats; the rocks are a refuge for the coneys. 

You have made the moon to mark the seasons; the sun knows its time for setting. 


You make darkness, and it is night, when all the animals of the forest come creeping out. The young lions roar for their prey, seeking their food from God." 

                                                                   Psalm 104: 14-21

Balloon Flowers

Balloon flowers are one of those plants that are a lot of fun for kids. The buds looks like hot air balloons and when you snap them between your fingers, they make a popping sound. The little ones love it!

I've had these in my front garden for years with little to no maintenance. They just keep coming back year after year as beautiful as the year before and are totally non-invasive.

Some balloon flowers from my garden: