I counted till they danced so
                               Their slippers leaped the town,
                               And then I took a pencil
                               To note the rebels down.
                               And then they grew so jolly
                               I did resign the prig,
                               And ten of my once stately toes
                               Are marshalled for a jig!

                                                         Emily Dickenson

My Birdhouse

This Christmas my husband gave me this cute birdhouse. I'm so looking forward to putting it up and watching the birds nest and start a family! I was thinking of putting it in the garden but will probably end up nailing it to the railing of our deck so I can watch them from my kitchen window while I do the dishes.

We've had a pile of snow the last few days, but I just keep looking at my new birdhouse and remembering the promise of spring. Can't wait for warmer weather, springtime flowers and of course those sweet birdies. :)